Bhartiya Nagar, Batraha, Saharsa, Bihar - 852201, India


About us


Our Approach

Based in Saharsa, Bihar, Koshi Makhana is the only manufacturer of organic makhana products in the world. Our motive is to supply quality makhana to the people sitting all across the world at the affordable price. Our Mission is to manufacture and promote nutritious and healthy organic makhana.

Our Vision is to be recognised as the leading international makhana manufacturing company in India through our quality, performance, people and commitment to our core values.

Our Story

Every business has a unique story even we have, our founder once travelling back to his hometown saw people working hard in their field to cultivate fox nut (known as makhana locally) When he studied about its production and marketing he felt that people are still doing in their conventional way and the profit is taken away by the middle man who sells it to the outside market. Upon doing complete research he came up with an idea to take makhana to the international market. Where people will know about its importance and new inventions will come up to help poor farmers and labourers. Now Koshi Makhana is a brand which helps hundreds of farmers and labourers to lower down the risks and improve the quality of the makhana.