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How to choose the best quality of Makhana?

We all love munching roasted Makhana. But do you know Makhana comes in various sizes and texture. Yes, you heard it right various textures too. Don’t believe me, see it for yourself,

How to choose best quality of Makhana?
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Upon seeing the above collage you might be wondering why some of them have dark and yellowish textures.

Different textures are there because of the manufacturing process it goes through. Yellowish texture is because of extreme roasting process. Small black and brown chunks of patches is nothing but its covering which should be rubbed off after roasting but doesn’t matter how much you polish them, some of them still stays there.

Makhana having yellowish textures
 © Koshi Makhana | Makhana having yellowish textures

Worry not, if yellowish texture doesn’t appeal nice to you. In fact, its a sign of good quality of product. It shows that the seeds are dried and roasted well. Hence these Makhan’s hold less quantity of humidity. Which is a good thing. They are also fluffy and of bigger size.

The important thing which we should talk about is the dark and brown patches which can be seen over round fluffy soft balls (Makhana). These patches are not a good thing to have in the Makhana. Befor we proceed any further I want you to have a close look over these dark brown patches.

Makhana having dark brown patches
 © Koshi Makhana | Makhana having dark brown patches

While closely observing the above picture focus on the piece at the bottom side. You will observe a dark shell like patches. This is what we are talking about. These dark patches are not the good thing to have in our Makhana. One they increases the weight of the packet enormously and second they are hard to chew. Mostly you will find large number of such pieces in a low quality packet. Hence more the number of such pieces, lower is the quality of Makhana.

Atleast now you have an idea about what to look for while buying a packet of Makhana. Talking about Koshi Makhana here, we are very strict at following the set rules of grading pattern. We at Koshi Makhana never compromises with the product. You only get what you order. Even if you find one piece of low quality or not of size which you paid for, we change the whole packet at our own expense. So while shopping with us be assured of the quality you are receiving.

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