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Fox nuts aka. makhana is a great snack for diabetics and heart patients as they contain good fat and have a low quantity of saturated fats. These properties make makhanas good weight-loss food.

Also known as “God’s Food” makhanas are considered as a pure and nutritious food. We remember having “prasadam” in our childhood, it used to be a mixture of makhana, different types of fruits and also milk sometimes. I can still feel its taste as it was so delicious. It would bring water in anyone’s mouth. The best thing about makhana is that it can be used in preparing any dish from snacks to the main course you name it and we will show you how to prepare it using makhana.

Here on this page, you will find all the different varieties of the dish prepared from makhana. In case you find your favorite dish missing, you can always ping us here in the comment section and we will update the list as soon as possible. Also, this page will be regularly updated with the newer links of varieties of recipes. We also request you to kindly share your favorite recipe and we will feature it on our page.